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language schools abroad Language courses abroad in small and
international learning groups!

Have you started to grow weary of the common „text-book“education?  Do you have the feeling that there is some missing component to your language learning experience? If so, than why not try a language course abroad with International Projects. Take the opportunity to step out of the traditional and into the modern classroom of language learning in real time. International Projects provides numerous language courses abroad in a variety of countries and languages, focusing not only on your language learning experience, but your vacation time as well.

A language course abroad has so much to offer. Not only will you be learning and using language with native speakers, but building up contacts professionally and personally. You will have the opportunity to learn and work with a diverse group of people who are motivated to not only learn another language but have some fun too! A language course abroad will not only bring your holiday standards to a whole new level, but boost your professional life as well. Speaking two languages has become a necessary requirement in today’s job market, so why not get ahead in the most relaxing way possible?

Special OffersA language course abroad through IP offers the most innovative and practical curriculum available. Each course is taught by a native speaker, specifically trained to teach English, German, French, or Spanish as a foreign language. IP also offers diverse classroom settings with a variety of exciting activities offered outside of class. What better way to learn a language than by enjoying your holiday?

So put aside the “traditional” way of learning and allow yourself to relax on a language holiday. Let IP’s expertise help you find the right language course abroad designed for you.

Language schools abroad for juniors :

Country Course town Description
Great Britain Bournemouth Join our summer English courses in this attractive student town!
Great Britain Bournemouth for young adults Our language programme for independent mature-minded students.
Great Britain Chichester English summer school in Chichester: English courses in the traditional town of Chichester.
Great Britain Bognor Regis English summer school in Bognor Regis: English courses in the beautiful seaside resort.
Great Britain Winchester English summer school in Winchester: English courses in former capital of England.
Great Britain Winchester Summer College Intensive and individual English learning in our summer college in Winchester.
Great Britain Exeter English summer course in Exeter - the capital of the South-West.
Great Britain Exmouth Spend your English summer courses with a host-family in this beautiful seaside resort!
Great Britain Teignmouth Language summer school in Teignmouth: English courses at the English Riviera.
Ireland Cork English summer school in Cork: Join us to learn English and explore the Emerald Isle.
France Biarritz Join our French summer courses in a surfer's paradise: Biarritz
France Biarritz for young adults Our French language programme for independent mature-minded students.
France Antibes French summer course in Antibes on the French Riviera.
France La Crau Summer French course in the middle of a vineyard.
Germany Oberwesel Learn German or English during our summer language courses in the Rhine Valley.
Germany Augsburg Summer language course in Augsburg: learn German, French or English in Bavaria.
Germany Berlin German courses in the summer: learn German in Germany's capital.