Language Course

English language courses in Bournemouth Language courses in small learning groups of max. 15 students!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in an elevator trying to pick out which language is being spoken around you? Is it Spanish or French? German or Dutch? Then find yourself wondering why you never signed up for “that” language course. Instead of always wondering, why not sign up for a language course with International Projects?

International Projects offers a wide variety of destinations to learn English, Spanish, French, and German. All of our teachers are native speakers trained to make your language learning extend beyond the classroom. Our tactics include innovative curriculum and practical speaking application. A language course with IP is tailored to your individual needs. IP has the tools to make language learning useful and enjoyable, covering grammar, writing, reading, and speaking. Whether your need for a language course is personal or professional let IP’s 20 years of experience guide you beyond dictionary searches and simple phrases, to conversation and experiencing culture first hand.

Beyond cultural experiences and travel, let IP boost your resume or CV. In today’s fragile job market having taken a language course can put you ahead of your competition. In our globalised world many companies expect their employees to be fluent in two languages, often recommending a third. It is never “too” late to start learning your second or even third language. A language course with IP can open up new avenues of employment and networking, giving you a vital skill to be reckoned with.

Special OffersIP welcomes all levels of learning from every walk of life. So instead of listening in the elevator, join the conversation. Increase your personal and professional network, and let International Projects be your pick for your new language course.

Join our junior summer courses in one of our European destinations:

Country Course town Description Age range
Great Britain Bournemouth Join our summer English courses in this attractive student town! 14-17 years
Great Britain Brighton Summer English course in Brighton: Learn English where kings used to spend their holiday 14-17 years
Great Britain Chichester English summer school in Chichester: English courses in the traditional town of Chichester 12-17 years
Great Britain Exeter English summer course in Exeter - the capital of the South-West 12-17 years
Great Britain Exmouth Spend your English summer courses with a host-family in this beautiful seaside resort! 12-17 years
Great Britain Teignmouth Language summer school in Teignmouth: English courses at the English Riviera 10-15 years
Ireland Dublin Summer English classes in Dublin - Ireland's young and trendy capital 14-17 years
France Antibes French summer course in Antibes on the French Riviera: 14-17 years
France Biarritz Join our French summer courses in a surfer's paradise: Biarritz 14-17 years
France La Crau Summer French course in the middle of a vineyard:  9-17 years
Spain Malaga Spanish summer courses on the Costa del Sol 13-17 years
Germany Augsburg Summer language course in Augsburg: learn German or English in Bavaria 10-15 years
Germany Frankfurt German courses in the summer: learn German in Germany's economic centre 13-17 years
Germany Diez Language summer in Diez - learn English or German in an old earl's castle 10-15 years
Germany Oberwesel Learn German or English during our summer language courses in the Rhine Valley. 10-15 years