July 20, 2010

Learn German in Oberwesel

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These are the first impressions  from our summer language courses in Oberwesel regarding the summer 2010.

This week I had really fun. I was in Victoria’s group for the lesons and we learned lots of things. The tour of Oberwesel was really interesting, too, and I liked the shopping very much. We visited the big church, at first.

But the best day was when we went to the swimming pool. I swam a lot, but I wasn’t bored. Then I sat on the grass and I talked with my friends. It was a really funny day.

On Tuesday we went to the hine to swim and paint the stones. I didn’t swim, but I painted lots of stones. There were swans and ducks, too.

On Saturday we were a bit sad because many children went away, but we visited Bingen and Rüdesheim. First we took the boat and went to Rüdesheim to visit the city. We didn’t buy many things, because we didn’t have time.

Article written by Alessia Romanelli

Last week I was in the group of Victoria. It was very great, because I learned the present tense and the past tense.

The first day we visited Oberwesel and there we made shopping. The greatest day of the week was when we went in the swimming pool, because there were three swimming pools and a very big garden. All the nights we watched football and it was very funny. One day we went swimming in the Rhine and we painted the stones. It was very great, because some boys throwed us the water.

On Friday night we made a party for the children that musted turne  at home.

On Saturday we went first to Rüdesheim and than we went to Bingen, there we went shopping an I bought the presents for my family. The last week was very great and I had fun.When we went to Bingen we had one and a half hour of free time, We went shopping and bought presents.

We arrived at the castle at six o’clock and we went to the ‘Speisesaal‘ for dinner. That was the end of my beautiful week in Oberwesel.

Article written by Elena Sacchetto