January 21, 2011

Bournemouth English School

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I’ve never been to England before, so this past week when I got to fly over England on my way back to the Netherlands I was in heaven. I think the most beautiful sight I saw from the plane was as we approached England from the west, I could really see the entire outline of the country. Astounding. This beauty is one reason why I find programs like IP’s Bournemouth English School so great. They offer the opportunity to take advantage of a great vacation spot while learning the English language.

Bournemouth is a booming university town with a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The city centre is surrounded by beautiful gardens with the gorgeous Bournemouth Beach not too far away. Bournemouth is one of Britain’s most popular beaches and just a 2.5 hour drive from London. Go to the beach in the morning, see some cultural sites along the way, and be in London for dinner!

Alongside these amazing city features IP also offers fun and challenging English courses taught by native speakers who are specifically trained to teach English as a second language. IP courses take a communicative approach to language learning; focusing on the aspects of language that really help on a daily basis like telephoning, meetings, travel, etc. Being in Bournemouth also presents daily opportunities to practice what you have learned in class. Imagine being able to speak with ease and enjoy vacation from a whole new perspective.

Maybe you’ve been to England before, but England like Bournemouth has no shortage of possibilities or amazing sights to see. So the next time your eyes start wandering to travel sites, or you feel that urge to practice your English consider IP’s Bournemouth English School.

Check out IP’s Bournemouth Language School.