May 11, 2010

Business English England

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„How do you do, Sir?”  Enter the charming man in a business suit with a thick British accent. Most women probably think of Hugh Grant and most men are probably reminded of Sean Connery. What on earth do actors from the United Kingdom have to do with today’s blog? A suggestion to brush up on Business English in England, so maybe grab a quick cup of  tea in case it happens to be tea time.

England often considered the birthplace of the English language offers many unique opportunities to sharpen those business English skills. Surrounded by a wide range of universities and international businesses the opportunity to practise skills outside of the classroom is always available. Since the majority of English as a foreign language books are written with British English in mind, the language being spoken will be “textbook”. This can be a great learning tool for non-native speakers. Another great advantage is the distinct formalities of the British. Although it is common to use a person’s first name in a typical business setting (even after just being introduced) the British still hold a high sense of formality. There will be many opportunities to notice distinct phrases such as, “Right this way, Sir” and a comfortable environment to use them. International Projects has several Business English programs offered in England for a variety of levels.

So take the opportunity to branch out of those mundane evening classes where everyone reverts back to their native language after class. Community classes look great on a CV, but courses taken in an English speaking country look even better, and often give job applicants an extra advantage. So pack those bags, cross those fingers, and take that chance to meet Sean Connery or Hugh Grant… or learn a bit of Business English in England.

Business English courses are on offer in our English language school in Bournemouth