December 2, 2011

English for Kids

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Kids are fun. Between their crazy games, zest for life , and ability to make anything funny they are always a joy to be around. Kids are also open-minded and seem to learn faster than anyone else. So what is a good way to keep active, curious, fun-loving kids busy? International Projects offers tons of kid-friendly English courses aimed at improving language skills while making sure the fun factor is taken to the ultimate level.

A definite damper to a child’s English class at school is the limited amount of time available for lessons. Kids are given a textbook, play a couple games, maybe sing a song, and then it is time to switch subjects. Unlike school, International Projects is able to integrate language acquisition into every activity. Whether its lessons in the mornings or recreational activities in the afternoons and evenings there are an unlimited amount of opportunities to learn and speak English.

International Projects also offers exciting (and fully supervised) day trips to places outside of the course location such as London and Berlin. During an excursion kids have the opportunity to take a city tour, look around, and experience their host country at its finest. Best of all, even if they aren’t in class the entire day it will still  be filled with English in a fun and exciting way.

Another fun part of participating in one of IP’s programs is the great opportunity for the kids to make new friends. They’ll have the opportunity to hang-out with kids their own age and just enjoy doing kid stuff. Whether its in class, at a meal, on a day trip, or joining in on a football game kids will have plenty of opportunities to chill out with their friends and improve their English skills as well.

So the next time you feel your active youngster itching for more, be sure to check out some of IP’s great English programs for kids.

Check out IP’s English for Kids programs.

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