July 28, 2010

English language learning in Chichester

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Some more impressions  from our English summer school in Chichester regarding the summer 2010.

Another week full of impressions is coming to its’ end. It has brought new friendships and experiences to everyone here. Even though some students will already leave again on Saturday, for many others the adventure ’language course’  just started one week ago.

After an exhausting overnight-bus journey everyone was very delighted when they arrived on the Chichester campus in the morning of a nice and sunny Saturday.

After a short ‘Welcome Meeting’ with the centre manager Nina they were finally able to unpack their heavy suitcases and after a bit of time to settle down quite a lot of the new arrivals felt already in the mood of exploring the centre of Chichester, going on a guided town walk with two of the supervisors and some of the other students as well. Others preferred to participate in the team games offered on the campus.

In the late afternoon some students relaxed during a massage workshop which-because of the beautiful weather- took place outside the Ocean Lounge or played volleyball and soccer. In the evening many pupils chose to come together in the Ocean again for an enjoyable movie night.

On Sunday many students went on the trip to London to get to know the beautiful English capitol and its’ most important sights or to Brighton not just to see the famous pier but also to visit the Queen Victorias’ Royal Pavilion and further interesting places.

But the ones who didn’t want to go either one of these two trips and those who arrived just on Sunday had a wide variety of opportunities to choose from so, that they’ld not regret having stayed. One group for example joined in the Volleyball Tournament others’ chose some non sport activities such as a beauty mask workshop. After everyone was back in Chichester fun games like ‘Activity’ were proposed and the students could get to know each other better.

During the whole week the students tried out various things they had been offered which were for instance a Photography session, Ping-Pong, the preparation of a ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ imitation (the famous Japanese TV-show) which will take place during Friday afternoon. They also had fun going to the indoor swimming pool with one of the staff members Denise or when they went out for bowling in a close by centre-to give just an extract of the programme. Moreover the football tournament was a big success, too.

On Wednesday for example there was the preparation for the famous open stage party for which the students decided about the course of events. In the end we had some great dancing performances but also a taekwondo show and singing performances of which one was accompanied on the transverse flute. But the evenings’ winner was our acting group performing a self made play. Afterwards there was still time for everyone to dance.

Another party that was eminently entertaining was this week’s theme night. The topic was Pyjama Party and apart from the evening’s programme the costumes already put everyone in a good humour.

All students are eagerly awaiting the Farewell Party on Friday night and it surely will be fun even though some might be upset about the departure the day after. Still it is a very good chance to come together with all the newly found friends once more, to enjoy the time they all have left and hopefully a good end for another eventful week here in Chichester.