July 30, 2010

English Lessons

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My favorite English lesson of all time was when one of my high school teachers told us to pick a song and present it as poetry to the class. I thought this was amazing, finally some homework I would enjoy doing! Back then I listened to a lot of Johnny Cash, so of course I presented his famous “Ring of Fire”. The best part about this assignment? It brought one of my daily activities- listening to music, to life. English lessons tend to have that effect, they can open up a world of understanding and make everyday chores or hobbies just a little more interesting. But how does one go from wanting to improve to being successful in a course? In my opinion, everyone needs a great deal of motivation.

Motivation? It sounds so simple, I know. Most people assume that they have a considerable amount of motivation when they sign up for a course. However, signing up is actually the easiest part. Real motivation comes later when the course material becomes confusing, or you’re debating whether or not to attend your English lessons after a long day at work. Motivation is that driving force that really enables a person to reach their goals, so even if you are really interested in a course why is it always so hard to stay motivated?  Well from my experience it is hard to stay motivated when you feel like your lessons are a chore, just one more thing to check of your “to do” list.

So take the opportunity to study or enroll in English lessons abroad, and don’t just plan out time for homework, consider your vacation as well. As crazy as it sounds, it is possible, and it is probably the easiest cure to low motivation.  So take advantage of great companies like International Projects who mix vacation with language learning.  Plan part of the day for an English lesson, and leave the rest to just relax. Not only will your self-motivation improve, but you’ll find yourself actively engaging in class and finding ways to apply the material outside of the classroom.

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