July 15, 2010

English summer courses in Exmouth – first impressions

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These are the first comments from three German students on our
English summer course UK in Exmouth:

We stay in Exmouth since last Saturday. We were surprised when we went out of the bus, because it was cold and windy outside.
After we waited someminutes our hostfamilies came to fetch us and take us to their homes.
The houses we are living in are smaller than the ones in Germany but they are cute. The families are also nice and friendly to us. In the evening we all went to a pub to watch the footballmatch- Germany against Argentinia. Together we celebrated the victory of the german team and went then to slep our first night in England in our host families.

On Sunday  we first saw the college we`d be tought in. We got to know about the plans the ip-crew had about our week and then we made a town walk to get to know Exmouth better. In the afternoon we played volleyball at the beach, which was very difficult because of the strong wind blowing here at the coast.

On Monday we did a test so the teacher could divide us up into classes. In the afternoon we met at Phear Park to do some sports again. There we first saw the Spanish students and we played some matches against them. In the evening there was a speech because our teamleaders organized a welcome party, where every student was invited to. We listened and danced to music there.

On Tuesday there was a trip to Exeter, which we didn’t join. Instead of this we went to the beach, chilled and tried the first time in our lifes fish and chips.

On Wednesday of course we all watched  the footballmatch- Spain against Germany, which was very exciting because we watched it with the Spanish students. Unfortunately the German team lost and the Spanish students celebrated the victory of their team.

On  Thursday we went to the Jurrasic Coast, there we took some beautiful pictures. The beach was wonderful, it was warm and sunny and the town was nice. In the evening we did a cliff walk and in a big heigh we could watch a wonderful sunset. We also took nice pictures from it and from each other.
Today is Friday, some of us are sad, because friends we won here are leaving tomorrow and we are arriving to London tomorrow in the morning.
But we hope we`ll see each other again and we exchanged our numbers so that we can stay in contact.
We are sure the trip to London will be very exciting and the next week will be also nice.

Article written by Christiane Glanz, Victoria Marx and Franka Foth from Germany.