July 8, 2011

Finding Your Place

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I took a Spanish class once, just for fun. I remember walking into the room and suddenly the instructor started rattling off in Spanish to me. She then looked a little confused when she realized I hadn’t understood a thing she’d said.  I found out later that my placement test for beginning level Spanish had been accidentally mixed up with the advanced level courses.  This was a very noticeable mistake that was quickly fixed (the beginner class was two rooms over), but what if your language abilities are somewhere between beginning and intermediate or intermediate and advanced?

That’s why taking a placement test before any language course is important and essential to creating a successful learning environment. It’s an awful feeling to be placed in a class that is too challenging or not challenging enough. Thankfully, that’s why there’re placement tests.  Whether you’re a 100% sure about your language level or not completely positive, placement tests are a great way to make sure that you find your place in the language course and that the language course suits you.

Having organized countless successful language courses over the years International Projects is very familiar with placement tests and has now made them available for interested or future travelers on their website.  Placement tests are offered in English, German, Spanish, and French and only take a few minutes to complete. After completing the test you are given your results as well as how you scored in regards to the Common European Framework of Reference Levels.

Placement tests are quick and painless and now you can even take them from the comfort of your own couch, living room, or garden chair simply by checking out the website link. So before you sign-up for a language course avoid going to the wrong Spanish, German, English, or French classroom and take a few minutes to complete a placement test.

Find your place by taking one of IP’s placement tests.