February 25, 2011

French Summer Course

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Ever considered yourself a „beach bum“? Or better yet have you ever wanted to give up that office job and be a beach bum? On those stressful office days I’m sure many of us have considered packing our bags and heading straight to the beach for the “easy life”. Taking the day off to enjoy the sun, the waves, and gorgeous view doesn’t seem like something that would take much convincing. Well even if you’re not ready to change your job title to beach bum, joining a French summer course in Antibes, France just might convince you.

Welcome to Antibes, France. Located on the 25 km French Riviera coastline, Antibes is one city among 48 beaches along the coast. Perhaps the best part (besides the beach of course) of learning French in France is being simultaneously immersed in French culture and life. Every experience becomes a learning experience enabling you to use your French in the most normal, stress-free way possible. Having trouble remembering your food vocabulary? Then stop in at the next supermarket and check out how things are labeled. Not sure that the book is giving you the correct phrases to order something at a restaurant? Then stop in for dessert and listen to those around you. Language learning is active and there is no better way to learn French than being a part of daily activities in France.

A frequent complaint from many language learners is that mastering a language takes so much time, energy, and creates far too much stress. International Projects offers a French summer course that is sure to sweep these complaints under the rug and allow you to enjoy your vacation while learning French.

So the next time you start freezing because the temperatures have dropped below zero once again, put your frustrations into something useful and check out a French summer course. Where planning what swimwear to take with the rest of your beach bum attire is as essential as your French dictionary.  

Check out an amazing summer French course with IP!