October 7, 2011

German Language Courses in Berlin

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“German is difficult”. I’ve heard this phrase over and over again from non-native and surprisingly native speakers alike. What is it though that makes this historical and fascinating language “difficult”? Is it the grammar, pronunciation, word order, or what seems like incredibly long words? Or is it really just the fact that most people learn German out of context? And by “out of context” I mean outside of Germany. Having learned German as a foreign language myself, I would definitely have to say that most difficulties arise from trying to learn a language “out of context”.

Like any other language learning German in Germany is a huge advantage. No matter how good a class is back home, there is no substitute for being immersed in a language and hearing pronunciation and proper use on a daily basis. Plus the advantage of taking language courses in Germany is that you  not only have the opportunity to hear the language, but to practice it as well!

One of the best ways to practice and immerse yourself in the language is through programs such as International Projects’ German language courses in Berlin. These courses are great not just because of their location (Berlin!) , but also because they are specifically designed to meet the needs of participants who are eager to learn a language and will only be  traveling abroad for a short amount of time. These programs also provide teens with a great opportunity to meet teens  from around the world, creating the perfect environment for participants to get to know each other while speaking German. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect” so there couldn’t be a better time to start learning or improving your German than now.

So the next time frustration starts to set in with this “difficult” language, reconsider your options and take the opportunity to sign up for IP’s German language courses in Berlin.

Check out IP’s German Language Courses Berlin.