June 12, 2011

International Projects Meets Facebook

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Who doesn’t have a facebook? From young adults to my awesome 79 year old Farmville champion grandma, facebook has managed to entertain people of all ages while connecting users across the world’s oceans and borders. But facebook isn’t just about the odd person you saw in the park, the latest news article, or that great party last weekend, it’s a great place to connect before embarking on a fun-filled vacation. Which is why International Projects has created a group for everyone traveling, thinking about traveling, and alumni who would like to connect and get some useful tips about language courses and destinations.

Not sure about the best airport to fly into or if a certain bus will take you directly from the station to the school? Maybe you’re not sure about how much money to bring, or how intense the language courses will be. There are so many questions that come up before a trip and even the best websites are sometimes unable to provide informative answers. Chatting one –on- one, posting a comment, or sending a message to someone who already went on the trip is a great stress- free way to prepare for your time away. Facebook is a fun place to do just that; meet people before and after your trip; ask questions, exchange tips, look at pictures, and even win something.  From now until September 30,2011 at 12:00 the tip that receives the most “Like” clicks will win one of International Projects’ premiums. What a great deal for just enjoying time on facebook!

So whether you’ve been with IP for a number of years, just took a trip, or are thinking about joining the IP community; take a moment to sign onto facebook and check out some of the great tips that are posted or even post a few yourself!

Check out the IP facebook page.