August 12, 2013

Third week in Exmouth 2013

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DSCF0012The third week started with a Welcome Party which had the purpose of get to know each other better and to integrate the new arrivals and it was Cross Gender Party.

Students seemed to be shy at the beginning but when they saw us dressed up they started to exchange clothes between them and we did a catwalk that was very funny.  

The students were in the classes during the morning and the afternoon activities were a mix of sports and creative tasks like bracelets and Mr. Potato.

During this week we did the open stage and it was a totally success. We did with them the preparation and they came up with a new IP song, a cup song, a dance, and even juggling!!

The funfair as evening activity was very funny and students really enjoyed it because they could win prizes after playing at the several stations that we have prepared like shotgun the cowboy, explode the balloons, throw the cans, coins in glass and throw the ball in the holes.

After the third week most of the students left so the Farewell party was the ending of their stay in Exmouth and we prepared a video with lots of pictures of them for the farewell meeting on Friday.