June 11, 2010

IP Staff training 2010

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This year, the future IP staff came together in the small village of Osterode in the north of Germany for an international training event.

After long and exhausting journeys the IP training started with a big Welcome Party on Thursday night. Everybody was supposed to wear a costume, which is typical for their future college’s country. If you had been there, you would met some cow girls, Mexican ladies, Spanish chicas, Italian bellas and French beauties and last but not least Bavarian Dirndls.

Host of the night was a special guest from Jamaica – the legendary, brilliant, bravo and super MC Ganja Man Maik. Young and enthusiastic people from all over the world were welcomed with a tasty cherry-banana drink. After MC Ganja Man Maik had welcomed his people, the party has started with a little “speed dating game”, followed by a monstrous polonaise.

One of the big highlights was the IP Olympics. Three groups of 6 members were competing in funny games. The Olympics started with the spoon game, in which the groups had to form a line by pulling a spoon with a long string through their clothes. The coin game was up next – the teams had to cross a certain distance with a coin between their knees – and it looked quite funny! After that the teams were split into pairs and then had to put a Spaghetti in a macaroni by mouth, which was quite tricky, but nearly all finally managed to do so! Last game of the Olympics was the beer mat game. So the challenge was: Don’t touch the ground aside from the beer mats…

When all these games came to an end, the famous underground star DJ Neil from Newcastle in England played some brilliant, bravo and super international music. The crowd was dancing and jumping on the dance floor ‘til the lights went off.

This party was the beginning of this years’ great and successful IP training workshop and everybody is happily looking forward to work for IP in the summer 2010.