February 4, 2011

Language Camp Germany

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Having reached the middle of the school year most parents are evaluating their children’s courses. What are they good at and what are they struggling with. What if they are struggling in their language courses, German, French, or English? Instead of just sending them to a tutor or after school classes a summer language program, such as a language camp in Germany may be just what the doctor ordered.

Let me introduce you to Milow, Germany. Located in Berlin this wonderful language camp is in a nature reserve park surrounded by rivers. What better way to get them excited about improving their language schools than this magical place.  Let them play out the Adventures of Tom Sawyer or Pirates of the Caribbean while they learn to build a raft together, all while speaking English, German, or French. There really is no better way to learn a language than by having fun.  International Projects has a fun filled language camp in Germany aimed to help kids improve their English, German, or French.

Fun is great, but how is this going to help them in school? All children go through rigours language training with native speaking instructors. Classes are also based on level, allowing your child’s specific language needs to be met, and patch up those holes that formed during the school year.

Language camps are great, because they expose kids to language and fun recreational activities and diversity as well. Participants are made up of children from all over Europe aiming to improve their language skills. This diverse setting allows kids to meet new friends and experience other cultures in a fun, safe environment.

So as the school year progresses and you start evaluating your options give the kids a “break” and check out a language camp in Germany.

Check out International Projects’ language camp Germany.