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August 17, 2014

Why does Anja like our summer language school in Chichester?

DSCF0486Hey!  I am spending two weeks here in Chichester!  I really like this town because you can go shopping in some great shops like “New Look”, “H&M”, “Accessorize” and “Iceland”.

The town centre is close to the Bishop Otter campus so that you can go there every day and you don’t have to walk far.  The beach, West Wittering, is also close to Chichester.

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May 9, 2014

One more wonderful week in Exeter

Visiting the TownWhen I arrived in Exeter I was very surprised. I didn’t expect that the town was going to be so nice and that the campus looks so beautiful. The room is also clean. Even though food isn’t the best I had a very funny first week here. Our supervisors are cool and the teachers are talking about interesting topics.

The parties are very fun but the Foam Party in town was the best thing of the week. I met new friends and I hope that next week will be awesome too.

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July 23, 2013

Last week in our summer school in Exeter was awesome

DSCF5133My stay in Exeter was very nice. I like the landscape around the city. It is very beautiful. We spend lots of time in the city.

I enjoyed being here without my parents. The camp has allowed me to meet lots of new people and get new friends. The conversation with other people is very good.

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July 16, 2013

First week in Chichester


After setting up the destination the first students including the Telligo group arrived at the weekend. We, as a team were very curious and couldn’t wait starting.

The workshops were already prepared in advance; therefore we could offer e.g. Fancy Jewellery and almost every day a sporty activity.

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January 25, 2013

Surf-Course in Bournemouth & Mini-Olympics in Teignmouth

The summer of 2013 is filled with tons of limited IP specials for our active students. Whether it’s exploring the outdoors, surfing in Bournemouth, or rocking the Mini-Olympics in Teignmouth; there is something to keep everyone moving about and having fun. Just be sure to look out for the next wave! Continue reading

August 4, 2012

Hello from Exeter!

An article written by our IP Reporter Maret

Now I’m already five days here in Exeter on the St. Luke’s Campus. I started my travel on Friday morning on the way to Bremen in Germany. From there on we drove approximately 24 hours till we arrived in Exeter. That was a very long bus ride and we were all happy as we could go into our room.
Even the weather was fine in the afternoon so that we went together in the city of Exeter and the IP supervisors told us a little bit of it. We saw the Exeter Cathedral, which is really great. I have to go there another time to see also the inside of it! And we went to the Quayside of the Exe, a really nice place with little shops and cafés.
On Sunday I went in the city together with some other students. Especially food shopping is really interesting here in England. Its amazing how we go trough those shops and stand before the shelves full of cookies and cupcakes and only say all “wooow!!”. We had a lot of fun although we knew each other only one day! After it we played tennis on the campus. All of us can’t really play it but we’re optimistic that we can at the end of the time in Exeter! In the evening there was an Olympic in the IP Ocean. We did many little games from quizzes to football or limbo. Continue reading

July 2, 2012

What to pack on your holiday


Feel like you’re forgetting something? Maybe your toothbrush or socks? Packing for a holiday can be an irritating and tedious activitiy. What is too much or too little?

Well in this blog entry you’ll get to read about some non-convential items you should be sure not to forget, to take some stress out of your preparations for your upcoming trip.

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June 8, 2012

Teignmouth – still places available!

The pier of teignmouth, like a postcardOh my it’s June already! Summer is upon us, opening the possibilities for rest, relaxation, and new experiences all at once. One of the unfortunate things about summer is , most of the amazing trips and programs book up very early, leaving those who are unable to plan their summer until June with little or no luck.

However, this year International Projects has a pleasent surprise for all of those late bookers out there, the junior summer course in Teignmouth still has places available! Continue reading

May 11, 2012

Academic English Courses in Winchester

Looking for a way to boost your academic English? Maybe you would like to study in an English speaking program at university, go abroad for a year, or you already attend a billingual secondary school? A great way to not only improve your English, but also immerse yourself in the English language and prepare for your future English speaking adeventures is by signing up for International Projects’ academic English courses in Winchester. Continue reading

April 20, 2012

Summer Jobs in Europe

Looking for a great summer job? Something that goes beyond waiting tables or sitting in an office all day? Finding the right summer job can be the difference between an “ok” summer and an amazing summer. If you’re looking to have an amazing summer and earn some extra money, then take a moment to check out some of International Projects’ summer jobs in Europe. Continue reading