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April 17, 2012

IP Easter trip to Bournemouth

So here it is. Easter Sunday,7.45pm. You reckon Bournemouth is sleeping, going to church and relaxing with a nice Sunday roast? You´re slightly mistaking there I fear…
Bass booms up to the reception of Glendevon Hotel, hard laughs and loud shouts are swinging alongside: It´s IP Karaoke Night! Some 30 kids have gathered in the IP Ocean to enjoy yet another night of fun and excitement – but here is what happened so far…
Saturday afternoon, it´s nice and sunny outside in Stuttgart, the first kids are checking in and put their bags into the baggage compartments of our big and comfortable bus. The bus drivers throw in some jokes and we are heading of, ready to drive through the night. After a trip without any problems at all the two buses reached Bournemouth within five minutes. Now that´s what you would call good timing!
The kids living in host-families were mostly picked up by their families, the kids could check into the hotel. At least in an ideal world: Some of the rooms were still getting cleaned, but after a short while of the kids could move in. The day passed by in an instance with the town wanting to be explored during a walk across town. Again we had the best weather possibly imagineable for this time of year, lucky us! Some great knowledge in the fields of music, celebrities, films and common knowledge was revealed later on during a pub-quiz in the  Ocean and with that we closed day number one. I assume everyone was sleeping like a baby that day after the bus-ride and the moving in. Continue reading

August 29, 2011

Everyone loves our summer school in Bournemouth,Southengland

As always there was a lot going on in Bournemouth last week.  Of course we started off with the welcome meeting which is a great opportunity to break the ice between all different cultures. Everyone loves the town walk because they recognised that Bournemouth is a “banging” town with all the nice shops and the awesome beach. Even to get closer in contact the speed dating in the evening seemed to be a very good idea.

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