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August 3, 2013

Olympic Days in Teignmouth

People  having fun in the poolHi there! This is Ivan reporting from our summer school in Teignmouth. 

Yesterday we celebrated our own Olympics day in which we had four teams that participated in an opening ceremony during the morning and in some Olympic games during the afternoon. Those teams were the “Cup Cake Cats”, the “Huskies”, the “Happy cows” and the “Crazy Monkeys”.

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August 4, 2012

Hello from Exeter!

An article written by our IP Reporter Maret

Now I’m already five days here in Exeter on the St. Luke’s Campus. I started my travel on Friday morning on the way to Bremen in Germany. From there on we drove approximately 24 hours till we arrived in Exeter. That was a very long bus ride and we were all happy as we could go into our room.
Even the weather was fine in the afternoon so that we went together in the city of Exeter and the IP supervisors told us a little bit of it. We saw the Exeter Cathedral, which is really great. I have to go there another time to see also the inside of it! And we went to the Quayside of the Exe, a really nice place with little shops and cafés.
On Sunday I went in the city together with some other students. Especially food shopping is really interesting here in England. Its amazing how we go trough those shops and stand before the shelves full of cookies and cupcakes and only say all “wooow!!”. We had a lot of fun although we knew each other only one day! After it we played tennis on the campus. All of us can’t really play it but we’re optimistic that we can at the end of the time in Exeter! In the evening there was an Olympic in the IP Ocean. We did many little games from quizzes to football or limbo. Continue reading