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July 2, 2012

What to pack on your holiday


Feel like you’re forgetting something? Maybe your toothbrush or socks? Packing for a holiday can be an irritating and tedious activitiy. What is too much or too little?

Well in this blog entry you’ll get to read about some non-convential items you should be sure not to forget, to take some stress out of your preparations for your upcoming trip.

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June 23, 2012

Learning Vocabulary Online

Students cheering during lessonOne of the most tedious aspects of learning a language is vocabulary. It’s hard to comprehend just how many words we use in a day until suddenly you are speaking in another language and you find yourself missing every other word.

Whether you are starting to learn a language or you’ve been at it for years, a great way to improve your language skills is by learning vocabulary online.

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June 15, 2012

Meet Fellow Students on Facebook

bournemouth-students-07How many times a day do you check your Facebook? Once , twice, or maybe multiple times a day? One of the great things about Facebook is it gives everyone the ability to stay in touch, share photos, memories, and thoughts in an easy to access forum.

Facebook is also full of tons of useful information through pages about community events, organizations, and great companies like International Projects. Have you stopped by to check out the page and meet some fellow students yet? Continue reading

April 20, 2012

Summer Jobs in Europe

Looking for a great summer job? Something that goes beyond waiting tables or sitting in an office all day? Finding the right summer job can be the difference between an “ok” summer and an amazing summer. If you’re looking to have an amazing summer and earn some extra money, then take a moment to check out some of International Projects’ summer jobs in Europe. Continue reading

November 27, 2011

Summer Courses Abroad 2012

Traveling is one activity that never gets old. Whether you’re embarking on your 100th trip or your 1st trip there is always something new and exciting in store. But what if you’re at the age where mom and dad don’t really feel comfortable with you traveling alone? Or you’re just about 18, but not quite,  and would still really love to go on vacation without mom and dad? Continue reading

July 8, 2011

Finding Your Place

I took a Spanish class once, just for fun. I remember walking into the room and suddenly the instructor started rattling off in Spanish to me. She then looked a little confused when she realized I hadn’t understood a thing she’d said.  I found out later that my placement test for beginning level Spanish had been accidentally mixed up with the advanced level courses.  This was a very noticeable mistake that was quickly fixed (the beginner class was two rooms over), but what if your language abilities are somewhere between beginning and intermediate or intermediate and advanced? Continue reading

June 12, 2011

International Projects Meets Facebook

Who doesn’t have a facebook? From young adults to my awesome 79 year old Farmville champion grandma, facebook has managed to entertain people of all ages while connecting users across the world’s oceans and borders. But facebook isn’t just about the odd person you saw in the park, the latest news article, or that great party last weekend, it’s a great place to connect before embarking on a fun-filled vacation. Which is why International Projects has created a group for everyone traveling, thinking about traveling, and alumni who would like to connect and get some useful tips about language courses and destinations. Continue reading

May 6, 2011

Spanish Language Courses

Spanish is such a vibrant language. Fast- paced and a pleasure to hear on any occasion it’s no wonder Spanish is one of the most common languages spoken worldwide. In order to get the most out of a language course it’s important to know what’s available. Spanish language courses are designed with different levels and goals in mind so taking the time to pick a course tailored to your individual learning goals is worthwhile. Continue reading

April 8, 2011

Learning Vocabulary Online

Vocabulary is important. I mean after all it really is the substance behind language, without vocabulary all that grammar and punctuation would really just look like code. Generally vocabulary isn’t difficult to learn, but can be extraordinarily difficult to remember which is why it’s important to have some good tricks up your sleeve. Continue reading