January 28, 2011

Language Programs in France

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Ah, family vacations. One of the few things in life that always sounds like a great idea in the beginning, but has a real potential for disaster. What if the kids get bored? What if there’s not enough for the adults to do, how long should the vacation last? What if all the stress and uncertainty could be taken away? Language programs in France offer stress-free organization while providing a luxuries family vacation on the French Riviera.

International Projects offers a great way for the whole family to escape and enjoy a wonderful vacation through its language programs in France. A beautiful city on the coast, Antibes offers the uniqueness of a historic city center along with a breath-taking marina. The possibility of “boredom” entering your or your child’s vocabulary is impossible.

These language programs are unique, because they allow everyone to experience a normal vacation on a whole new level. Take option one, exploring the French Riviera with limited French knowledge and relying mostly on a tourist book. Then take option two, experiencing same sights yet communicating with the locals and figuring out that the best cup of coffee is served right around the corner. Language brings an unforgettable flavour and essence to a place,  that no tourist book despite its best explanations can compete with.

Language programs in France are the quickest way to achieve that indescribable vacation experience. Classes are taught by native speakers trained to teach French as a foreign language, teaching not only the book material, but how French should actually be spoken. You and your children have the opportunity to attend separate classes in the morning to start learning or improve your existing French, leaving the afternoon and evening for some quality family time. Imagine no telephones ringing, television running, and all other daily distractions taken over by this gorgeous vacation spot.

So when you start to feel overwhelmed by all the planning that goes into a family vacation, give yourself a break and check out IP’s language programs in France.

Check out some of IP’s language programs in France.