April 29, 2010

“Cat got your tongue?” – Learn English

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No the cat is not literally holding on to your tongue although it may seem that way if English skills lay dormant for a period of time. In today’s world English is seen everywhere from entertainment to politics, and in other languages where certain words never seem to find a proper translation. The opportunities to learn English are vast to say the least, but very few are focused on the practical application of English.

Take the opportunity to learn English in school, at a community teaching center, or by picking up various words on TV, but nothing really beats being able to speak, or better yet express the right thing at the right time. That one moment where a person is finally able to articulate what they needed to say, when they wanted to say it, brings about a rare sense of accomplishment.

Aside from personal reasons to learn English,  English has also established itself as one of the dominant languages in the global job market. To be competitive a person has to reach beyond the familiar phrases of “how are you”, to learn English and be comfortable using it. Although the task may seem daunting some anxiety can be relieved by finding reliable companies whose main focus is on language application.  International Projects is a company that takes application to a whole new level allowing a person to learn English while on holiday. An added bonus of learning while relaxing.

So what’s a good recommendation when the annoying cat has really “got a person’s tongue”? Deal with the cat and find a course that not only provides an opportunity to learn English, but to use it as well.

Learn English, e.g. in our English summer school in Chichester