April 29, 2011

Learn English in Brighton

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England, definitely the place to be; whether you are keeping up with the Royals or planning your next vacation, England is an exciting place. One of the world’s top travel destinations offering everything from culture to entertainment to sports, there’s a lot that goes beyond a tourist book. With plenty of gorgeous cities to keep any traveler and language learner asking for more, who wouldn’t want to spend part of their summer in an unforgettable British atmosphere?

Brighton, one of England’s most charming seaside cities is a great place to plan your summer vacation while brushing up on your English skills as well. A central meeting point for international students and a beloved British vacation spot, Brighton is a great place to create some memories that will have you bragging all the way into next year.  Join students from all over the world in one of the many English classes International Projects has to offer. From beginning to advanced courses, enjoy being in classes tailored specifically to your English level. Take advantage of being taught by a native speaker who is sure to you some great tips on how to get the most out of your stay in Brighton. Taking some time to invest in your English skills abroad is one of the most valuable things you can do to contribute to your English development. Being immersed in the language will help you distinguish sound and timing in addition to building your language confidence.

Not only that, spend your free time exploring the city, its surroundings, and more importantly practicing your English!  Make it a point to learn a new word, phrase, or nuance each day to ensure that you are fully engaged in the learning process. Take the time to meet new people, go out to the pub and enjoy exchanging stories and getting to know the locals.

So put those gossip magazines aside and treat yourself to summer course in Brighton!

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