July 21, 2010

Learn English language learning in Chichester – impressions

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These are the first impressions  from our English summer school in Chichester regarding the summer 2010.

With some 35 degrees Celsius on the weekend, one could just expect both the students and the staff to do anything but practising heavy sports on the dry lawns. Yet they did exactly that, leaving neither the football nor volleyball pitch empty at any time, with a more than over-length football match on both Saturday and Sunday and a treasure hunt-resembling Havoc game on Monday.

In the weekend evenings, the FIFA World Cup’s game for 3rd place between Uruguay and Germany and the final between the Netherlands and Spain were on for everyone who wanted to see.

Monday ended with the Welcome Party for all new arrivals of the weekend. Lydie and Micky were responsible for the task to “guide” the students into the party room. Having to carry a partner piggy-back, turning a blanket upside down on which you are standing and limbo dancing were only a few games the students had to go through to get inside.

Unfortunately, English weather kicked in just in time on Tuesday for us to realize we are not in a tropical holiday resort but in fact in England. The weather changed from windy to rainy and sunny again, making the IP team to come up with many Plan B’s “in case the weather is bad”.

For Tuesday evening, the program said “Theme Night”. The decision to have a Crazy Cross Dress Party was quickly taken. There was a trophy to be won for the best costume, so the general code of “dress as crazy as you can” was greatly adopted by all students. We saw togas and towels, pirate hats and punks, boys and girls – vice versa that is, boys as girls and girls as boys.

On Wednesday, the whole afternoon was taken up by preparations for the Open Stage in the evening. Alex, Katharina and Micky helped the groups and some solo artists prepare their performances for the night. As a result, the audience and a “Pop Idol”-like jury got to observe a group singing “Lemon Tree”, another group “Californication”, and a solo artist “I’m with you”. Unfortunately, they almost had to do it a capella due to some technical problems with the music equipment. This, however, was greatly forgotten when a group started to perform their own version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, only with 5 of the latter. After being rescued by the Prince greatly in love with her, Snow White only agreed to come with him if he had a big house and a Bugatti, and the evil queen would be made a dwarf too by cutting off her legs, thus leaving 6 Dwarfs in the end. This one and another performance by a very talented student singing Pep’s “Liberta” acapella of course received an award.

Thursday afternoon started out with a great deal of choices, Basketball, Yoga, or Treasure Hunt in Town were the options to be picked from. Also, some of the students used yet another opportunity to spend some time in the town. For the evening, the students had the chance to either go to the cinema in town to see newly-released “Twilight-Eclipse” and “Shrek-Forever After in 3D” or to stay on campus to play “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”.

As the last normal day with lessons and activities, Friday had quite a lot to offer. For the students to go to London the next day, the “London Preparation” was obligatory, so they would get the best out of their experience in this thriving city. Afterwards, creating friendship bracelets, dance practise, and football tournament were on the menu to pick from. The evening programme on Friday sponsored the Farewell Party, at which prizes were given out to the best performances of the Open Stage, the Millionaire Quiz, the Treasure Hunt, and the team ball games from this afternoon. One last time for the students who would leave the next day, it was time for dancing until your shoes got holes; and of course, the essential limbo dance seen during every dance party over the last week was ever –present.