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Welcome to Oberwesel. Meet German students and learn German in a real medieval castle overlooking the river Rhine.

July 18, 2014

Farewoll from the Schoenburg Castle

This last week in Oberwesel has been great! To start with, although Anna remained in hospital until Monday evening, we actually had no one else being ill enough to go to the doctor or to hospital, that’s a first this summer, yay!  

September 18, 2013

More impressions from Oberwesel

Monday – This week we changed the weekly schedule slightly, and did the workshops on Monday and the town visit on Tuesday. The workshops were Zumba, football and, at the end, wellness. We all loved it! At night we had our wonderful Quiz Night, and some of the IP logos were true art masterpieces!

September 3, 2013

Experience the Middle Ages in Oberwesel

Last week we had a brilliant week in Oberwesel! On our first day as a group we went into the town to ‘discover Oberwesel’ and completed a series of mini-tasks in groups, and then in the evening we had our very own Game Show! We played “Beat the Teams” like in the TV show, only […]

February 23, 2013

Learn German in Oberwesel in Germany

Looking for a great way to improve your German this summer? Maybe finally find a way to get all those adjective endings and “der, die, das” in all the right places? Then check out International Projects’ junior summer camp and learn German in Oberwesel, Germany this summer.

May 4, 2012

Learning German in Germany, Medieval Style

Looking for the best possible way to tackle the German language this summer? Tired down by all those articles and adjective endings and in need of a motivation boost? Then International Projects’ summer German course in Oberwesel, Germany might be exactly what you need.

February 24, 2012

Carnival in Germany

Fancy costumes, big parades, lots of food, fun, and friends are signs of Germany’s chilly February celebrations also known as Carnival or the “Fifth Season”. Carnival takes place right before Lent with a week of celebrations, the height being “Rosenmontag” or Rose Monday. This famous celebration takes place every year in the heart of the […]

August 29, 2011

Lucie from Switzerland reports about her leisure program in Oberwesel, Germany

Ich bin mit dem Flugzeug nach Frankfurt geflogen. Ich habe in Oberwesel ein schönes Zimmer bekommen und meine Zimmernachbarinnen waren sehr nett. Am Montag sind wir nach Oberwesel gegangen und haben viele Bonbons gekauft. Wir haben auch ein Eis gegessen (Mango und Schlumpf – Schlumpf ist sehr spezial). Am Abend haben wir eine Fotoschnitzeljagd gemacht. […]

August 23, 2011

Adi enjoyed different activities at our summer camp in Oberwesel, Germany

Ich heiße Adi und bin 14 Jahre alt. Mir gefällt das Sprachcamp sehr. Ich bin sehr froh hier. Am Montag haben wir mit dem Unterricht angefangen und nachmittags einen Stadtrundgang in Oberwesel gemacht. Am Abend haben wir ein Spiel „Tod auf der Burg“ gespielt und mussten den Täter finden. Am Dienstag haben wir wieder Unterricht […]