May 11, 2010

Learn Spanish

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Hablas Español? Many of us dutifully went to our foreign language classes in secondary school, and promptly forgot everything after graduation. Today, learning a language or taking the time to learn Spanish is no longer confined to the walls of a classroom. We live in a globalised world, and with over 20 countries claiming Spanish as their native language, there has never been a better time to learn Spanish.

International Projects is a leading specialist in language travel. They’ve managed to take one of the key ingredients (location) in learning a language and build a business around it. Here’s the twist, these trips are “language holidays”, with a few hours spent learning, and the rest of the time left for exploration. Participants may embark on a journey solo, or participate in many of the recreational activities the program has to offer.

IP understands that anyone can sit down and read a text book, but very few are able to use a language unless it was studied in a natural speaking environment. Studying Spanish first- hand brings the language alive. Spanish will no longer be a list of colors or numbers in a text book; but a means to go out to eat, meet new people, and a source of unforgettable memories. In other words, IP offers language acquisition with the added bonus of a vacation. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

So if we jump back to those “school” days mentioned earlier, I think all of us would have taken our classes more seriously if there had been a real use or need for the language we were learning. Practical application that was defined beyond a test, meaning homework that was enriched by sight-seeing, concerts, or hiking. So for those wanting to learn Spanish, I would suggest an alternative route to mundane classes -consider taking a language holiday.

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