April 8, 2011

Learning Vocabulary Online

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Vocabulary is important. I mean after all it really is the substance behind language, without vocabulary all that grammar and punctuation would really just look like code. Generally vocabulary isn’t difficult to learn, but can be extraordinarily difficult to remember which is why it’s important to have some good tricks up your sleeve.

From flashcards to pictures, to writing words out five times in a row there are tons of tricks to help remember vocabulary. Unfortunately a lot of these methods are anything but time –friendly for the fast pace language learners of the 21st century. Between facebook, Twitter, and emails it’s important to have learning methods that have the possibility to update each time your status does. In order to keep up with your busy schedule International Projects is introducing its “Learning Vocabulary Online” page. A quick click will bring you to a list of categories in English, German, French, and Spanish to help you broaden your vocabulary. After clicking on the category you’ll get a word in English with a space for you to type in the answer. Then click on “Get solution” to see if you’re right or to find the correct answer. You can also click the box below to have English or the target language words given to you. This virtual quizzing is a quick convenient way to test and improve your vocabulary without adding one more thing to your “to do” list.

Daily vocabulary practice is a great way to learn and remember all those pesky little words that you never need until you are actually speaking. When speaking another language there is nothing more frustrating than forgetting “that one word”.  So instead of letting yourself get frustrated time and time again spend a couple minutes a day and quiz yourself on some new vocabulary and wait to be astounded the next time you speak.

Get some practice by checking out our Learning Vocabulary Online .