June 23, 2012

Learning Vocabulary Online

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Students cheering during lessonOne of the most tedious aspects of learning a language is vocabulary. It’s hard to comprehend just how many words we use in a day until suddenly you are speaking in another language and you find yourself missing every other word.

Whether you are starting to learn a language or you’ve been at it for years, a great way to improve your language skills is by learning vocabulary online.

Learning vocabulary online is easy and convenient. With International Projects’ “Learning Vocabulary Online” page bookmarked it’s easy to review a few vocab words before and after checking your emails or facebook. Worried about getting an answer wrong or forgetting a word right away? Not a problem, quiz yourself as many times as it takes so you feel comfortable and confident when speaking.

What kind of vocabulary is available? International Projects realizes that speaking a language goes beyond your usual textbook vocabulary. That’s why vocabulary lists covering everything from animals, to the office, sports, being sick, traveling, and much, much more are available. Learning vocabulary online and learning it well will provide you comfort and ease when speaking a second language. Not only will you be able to ask for certain things or describe specific situations, but during the course of a conversation if you’re still missing a word, you’ll know even more words to help you describe that missing word!

What can I do after practicing vocabulary online to make it stick? Memorizing vocabulary words is half the battle so it’s important to put the words to use as soon as possible.  Try writing a short paragraph or story using some of the words you’ve just learned. Not a fan of writing? Then try playing a small conversation through your mind to help you put those words to use. Of course, if you have a speaking partner to practice with, that is always the best option!

So do your language skills a favor and brush up on your vocabulary this week. IP’s learning vocabulary online is so much fun; you may just have to practice more than once!

Try out IP’s Learning Vocabulary Online!