July 30, 2010

One week in Oberwesel

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Impressions  from our summer German courses in Oberwesel:

On Monday we had a very difficult test. After the test, we had lunch. That was horrible! In the afternoon we went swimming. Then we had dinner and in the evening we did a quiz.

On Tuesday we had lessons. That was boring. After that we had lunch.Then we went to Oberwesel. That was great. We had dinner at six o’ clock.  And then we walked to Dellhofen.

On Wednesday we had lessons too. Then we had lunch. That was delicious.

We went swimming in The Free Time bad. After that we had dinner. In the evening we had Film night. And we looked Avatar

On Thursday we had lessons as every day! After that we had lunch. Then we had Knight Games. We had great fun. Then we had a barbeque. That was… After that we had Party Games. Then we were at the tower. It was s-s-scary!!!!

On Friday we watched Toy Story2 in English and answered some questions in English. Then we had lunch.

Article written by Laura and Jula