July 16, 2010

Our summer holiday in Exeter 2010

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These are the first comments  on our English summer course in Exeter regarding the summer 2010.

Our group is from Puertollano and Cordoba and we are having a great summer holidays in Exeter!  We arrived at St Luke’s Campus at approximately 11pm on Saturday after a long but exciting journey. Immediately we arrived we met the IP Team and instantly knew that they were ‘cool’ people.

Ann, the Centre Manager showed as our rooms, with excitement and joy we unpacked our bags and settled into what are now our rooms for the next four weeks.  We quickly discovered a fascinating type of windows in our rooms which are not in Spain, they are white with nice handles which allows you to open the windows both outwardly and inwardly.

On Sunday the IP team took us around Exeter, Exeter is a very beautiful place with loads of friendly people; we went to the Town Centre which has loads of shops and an amazing Cathedral! The shops are really nice and many items are on sale which was an added bonus.

The next day we were very nervous about taking the English test, but after the exams we felt so much relieved, to make it even better the IP team threw a Welcome Party for us, some people were shy but the others danced! danced! and danced!!!.

On Tuesday, we went to Exmouth beach, we played loads of beach games and some people swam too, it was definitely a nice treat after hours of English classes.

Even though we miss our families we have made so many new friends from different parts of the world.  There are people from Germany, France, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Hungary and so much more.  The atmosphere here is really nice; the Spanish group has been singing with joy as Spain will be playing in the World Cup finals, it is a very important game for us so wait eagerly with much anticipation. There is so much to do at IP Exeter , we  have enjoyed the various IP activities, this week we designed Handmade Diaries, Journals, Friendship Bracelet ,and took part in a Photography session and of course a whole loads of sports.