October 28, 2011

Sport Specials with IP – Surf’s Up Dude!

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One of the best things about vacation is the opportunity to relax and have fun. Enjoy a carefree afternoon on the beach or playing your favorite sport without worrying about a thing. Despite how challenging learning a language can be, there’s no law that prevents you from having fun! Which is why International Projects offers great programs with one of a kind special offers to keep language learning fun and exciting.

If you don’t believe me check out International Projects’ programs in Biarritz, France or Bournemouth, England; where extra surf packages are offered in addition to their quality language programs. Here students have the opportunity to sign- up for additional programs and enjoy surf lessons while practicing their target language. What better way to practice speaking than by doing something that is so much fun? Surf’s up dude!

In addition to great surfing packages International Projects also offers opportunities for students to participate in unique activities such as the Mini-Olympics in Teignmouth. Here students can train with professional instructors in real Olympic watersports such as boat sailing, wind surfing, kayaking, canoeing, and dinghy sailing. Best of all students have the chance to work in teams and compete against each other in the end of the week race.

To make your decision for an amazing summer course even harder IP also offers a great diving package in Diez, Germany. Take the opportunity to suit up and be accompanied by a professional diving instructor while you learn the basics of diving at a small lake. This great experience will leave you with plenty to tell all your friends and rock the “back-to-school” stories when summer is over.

With so many choices to make your language learning experience even more memorable, it’s a wonder how anyone will be able to make up their mind!

Check out IP’s action packed sport specials in Biarritz, Bournemouth, Teignmouth, and Diez.

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