October 21, 2011

Time to Party!

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What better way to enjoy a summer holiday than a party? And not just any party…an evening set at a great location filled with the summer’s greatest hits and the company of other international students. International Projects has so many great locations to choose from, with tons amazing students, so its no wonder that starting next year they’ll be throwing a huge party so everyone can get together.  So what can you do to make sure you are prepared for the party of the year?

First, make sure you are signed up for one of  IP’s language courses. Whether you choose a program in Exeter, Teignmouth, or Exmouth the courses and recreational activities will have you wanting to rebook your flight home for  a later date. Each of the course locations offers quality language instruction with tons of extra activities in order to prevent the word “boring” from entering your vocabulary. Once you’re at the course location enjoy every minute of it. Make sure to note funny situations, local places you’ve visited, and what the food is like.  Just having fun and enjoying yourself will give you plenty to talk about at the party.

Second, practice your dance moves! What’s a party without dancing? Just a bunch of people standing around! IP has reserved a bouncin’ DJ to keep the party going and make sure that everyone has fun dancing to the latest hits. Not a big dancer? Then grab your complimentary alcohol -free cocktail and have fun hanging out and chatting about everything that’s been going on.

Finally, just have fun! Take a load off , relax, and practice what you’ve learned in your language courses. There’s no better way to practice easy-going conversation than at a party with other students just as eager to improve their language skills.

So when you start planning what unforgettable events will make their way into your summer, don’t forget to grab a party ticket and practice all those impressive dance moves.

Check out these party-filled programs in Exeter, Teignmouth.