Junior Summer Courses
Great Britain

  • One of England’s most popular student towns
  • School is close to beach and town centre
  • One of Britains cleanest beaches

Bournemouth is an exciting seaside resort and a colourful student town, with visitors and students from all over the world creating a cosmopolitan and international atmosphere. The mild climate and fine summer weather is perfect for a great outdoor holiday experience. It's a busy town with great shopping facilities and live entertainment. Our summer English schools are just a few minutes away from the town centre, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens. From here it is only a short walk to one of Britain's cleanest and most popular sandy beaches. Our residences and the school are within a few minutes walking distance from each other. In the afternoon and evening an international team will organise various activities for all IP students. All of this will contribute to you speaking a lot of English with students from all over the world - during the summer 2016 we had between 60 and 250 students from 17 different nationalities per week.


Our language school is located in a former church built 90 years ago and was refurbished in 2014. Our IP Ocean Lounge is THE meeting-point for our students in Bournemouth. Of course our school offers a lot of comfort: The IP Fruit 'n' Fit - Corner provides you all day long with water, tea and fruit. There is time for beach activities, which is only 5 minutes away from school. In summer we may utilise the Bournemouth & Poole College and other facilities, which are situated just a 10-minute-walk from the school, the town centre and the beach. 
Because of this, our programme takes place at the school, in the city center or at our own beach hut on the beach.

Photos of BOURNEMOUTH and the campus

Our language school is part of Europa School of English which is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK and a member of English UK, the world's leading language teaching association. Our summer English courses take place in our local school and during peak weeks we might use additional teaching facilities such as the Bournemouth & Poole College.
Please note that the lessons don't take place on bank holidays on the 28.08.2017 and will not be made up.

General English Course

15 lessons x 45 mins or 11.25 hours per week
Lessons normally take place from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 11:45. Each of the three morning lessons focuses on a specific area of language learning: grammar and language work, reading and listening, or communicative activities and speaking practice. Our aim is to provide you with the vocabulary and grammar required for effective communication with particular attention is paid to improving speaking and listening skills. the goal of the course is to strengthen you communication skills and help to overcome your own speaking inhibitions.
The following levels are catered for: elementary (A1), lower intermediate (A2), intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), advanced (C1). Duration: minimum 1 week

Intensive English Course

20 lessons x 45 mins or 15 hours per week
The Intensive Course consists of the General English Course plus an additional lesson per day (11:45 -12:30) which focuses on a fourth area of language learning: Project-based lesson which emphasis on writing skills.
The following levels are catered for: elementary (A1), lower intermediate (A2), intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), advanced (C1). Duration: minimum 1 week

Super-Intensive English Course

25 lessons x 45 mins or 18.75 hours per week
The course consists of the Intensive English Course plus two afternoons (Mondays and Wednesdays) with 2.5 lessons each per week. You'll be working with culture-based materials towards a final presentation. You will be exposed to cultural input and improve your presentation skills.
Language Levels: lower intermediate (A2), intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), advanced (C1). Duration: minimum 1 week

Residence Purbeck House
Residence Purbeck House


Live and socialise with your fellow students from many different countries in our residence! It offers self-contained flats of 5-6 single study-bedrooms. Each bedroom has a private shower, toilet and washbasin and there is a common room in each flat. Public laundrettes with coin-operated washing and drying machines as well as public phone booths are situated in or close to the residence. A safe is not available, but you will get a key to lock your room. Also our supervisors live in the Residence and are available for any inquiries. 

You'll get full board accommodation that includes breakfast, warm lunch and dinner. All meals are taken in the self-service refectory of the school, which is just a 10-minute-walk from the residence.

If you eat vegetarian or vegan food, please let us know when booking. In case you need halal, kosher, gluten-free or lactose-free food, we will try to make this possible as well - upon request in advance.
This accommodation is available from 8th July - 2nd September 2017.


You can also stay in a twin or triple en-suite bedroom in a cosy hotel in the centre of Bournemouth. The hotel is situated about 1 mile (approx. 15-minute-walk) from the school and the city centre. Each bedroom has a private shower, toilet and washbasin. Public laundrettes with coin-operated washing and drying machines as well as public phone booths are situated in the area. A safe is not available, but you will get a key/key card to lock your room. You'll get full board accommodation that includes breakfast, warm lunch and dinner. All meals are taken in the self-service refectory in the school.
If you eat vegetarian or vegan food, please let us know when booking. In case you need halal, kosher, gluten-free or lactose-free food, we will try to make this possible as well - upon request in advance.


You may also stay in single or twin room (triple rooms on request ) with one of our friendly homestay hosts, most of whom have been welcoming students for many years. Some live close to the campus while others are a bus-ride (on average 30, max. 45 minutes, costs for public transport not included - weekly bus ticket approx. £15) away. Homestay accommodation is a good opportunity for independent students who like to learn something about the everyday life of a British family. You will get full board accommodation (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner).

One of our Highlights in 2015: IP Dance flashmob in the town centre of Bournemouth

We offer an exciting and supervised activity programme during afternoons and evenings – seven days a week. Our international staff members come from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to bring a wide diversity of skills that will enrich your stay. The team organises a varied activity programme - full of sports, creativity, culture and lifestyle that will motivate you to join in. In the afternoons you have the choice of various activities on offer and in the evenings there is always at least one planned activity for you to participate in. 

Your safety and welfare are very important to us: Our staff ratio on campus for the age group 13-17 years is 1:15, however supervision groups during activities on or off campus will have different ratios of up 25 students for 13-17 year old depending on the situation.

13 to 15 year olds:
You participate in a compulsory programme with a wide range of activities. You are not allowed to leave the campus without staff members- even if your parents give you the permission to do so. Our staff will accompany you into town. You will then have the opportunity to explore the city centre with your friends in pairs or bigger groups for a period of up to two hours. From the meeting point in the city centre, your staff members will take you back to the campus. During excursions you will also have the chance to explore and have some free time in pairs or groups with a staff member waiting for you at the meeting point.

16 to 17 year olds:
Teenagers aged 16 or 17 are free to experience and explore things with their friends in pairs or bigger groups on and off campus. Our supervisors provide a good mix of supervision and personal freedom for this age group. Participation in the afternoon and evening activity programme is voluntary for students over the age of 16.

You can choose between taking part in the offered programme activities or exploring the town with your friends in pairs or bigger groups in the afternoon after informing our staff members and signing out. You will not be allowed to leave the campus without supervision after dinner, but there can be special supervised programme activities off the campus for you. If you don’t want to take part in the evening programme, you can choose to stay in the residence from time to time where a staff member will be around to make sure that everything is all right. The supervision ratio for this age group is 1:25.

Applicable for both age groups:
You will be part of a TTT (Time to Talk) group of up to 25 students. In the lunchtime TTT you tell your supervisor what you want to do in the afternoon and the supervisor will put you in the respective sign-up list which will be checked when the programme starts. The same happens at the dinner time TTT for the evening event.
Homestay students only have one TTT around lunchtime where they need to inform their supervisor about their plans for the day and for the evening. In the evenings the students can either take part in the activity programme or stay in their homestay, as long as the homestay host is at home. Our staff will check with the homestay that it is OK.

This could be your programme and additional options…

Included in the Programme

  • Welcome- and Farewell Meeting
  • Town Walk, Town Quiz
  • Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)
  • Beach Activities (Beach Games, Frisbee, Beachvolleyball)
  • Workshops (Arts & Crafts, Health & Beauty)
  • Welcome Party, Games Nights, Movie Nights, IP's got Talent, Surprise Nights, and International Parties
  • One half-day trip during your first week (e.g. Durdle Door (Jurassic Coast), Winchester, Portsmouth, Swanage or Salisbury)
  • One further half-day trip and one full day trip for each additional week (e.g Bath, Brighton, Oxford or London)

London Overnight Trip (Supplement)

As one day is not enough for a city like London, our overnight trip gives you more time to take in the sights.
On Saturday morning you will get an early breakfast and a packed lunch for the day. You will arrive in London around lunch time (your coach might stop in London Heathrow on the way). Our supervisors will organise several sightseeing and shopping walks for you and you can explore the city during your free time in groups of at least 2 people. In the evening you will have a warm meal together with overnighters from our other destinations. On certain weekends (15.07., 22.07., 29.07., 05.08., 12.08. and 19.08.2017) we hire exclusively for our students a VIP Party Bus for two hours going around London by night – relax and party with friends from other UK IP centres. You will spend the night in a youth hostel in shared rooms. The modern hostel has multi-bedded rooms with en-suite toilet and shower facilities (towel not provided). Breakfast on Sunday morning and a packed lunch are provided. You have several more hours to explore London before leaving the city on Sunday afternoon. Once you have returned to your centre, you will get a packed evening meal.
Please be aware that booking this special prevents you from attending the scheduled full day trip.
This special is not included in the programme and must be booked in advance. Minimum age for this trip is 13, exceptions might be made for closed groups only upon request.

Surf Course 5 x 2 lessons (Supplement)

Bournemouth is ideal for surfing (wave riding). For those of you who want to combine English lessons and the surf experience, we offer this special course with our surf partner in Bournemouth. In the mornings you will attend the General or Intensive English course with your fellow students.
The surfing course consists of five afternoons with two hour lessons each. Equipment will be provided. Depending on the weather, tide and the size of the waves the surf lessons might vary. Therefore paddle boarding is offered as an alternative when the weather conditions don’t allow surfing.
Please bear in mind that booking this course combination may prevent you from joining other activities or a scheduled excursion. 
This special is not included in the programme and must be booked in advance.

Self-arranged travel
Travel dates
Hotel twin or triple
Residence single
Home Stay
(twin room)
Home Stay
(single room)
24.06.17 - 01.07.17 £741 - £519 £569 Book now
01.07.17 - 08.07.17 £741 - £519 £569 Book now
08.07.17 - 15.07.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now
15.07.17 - 22.07.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now
22.07.17 - 29.07.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now
29.07.17 - 05.08.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now
05.08.17 - 12.08.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now
12.08.17 - 19.08.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now
19.08.17 - 26.08.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now
26.08.17 - 02.09.17 - £692 £519 £569 Book now

Prices for 7 nights, full-board, General Course English, IP trip programme, supervision
Additional week with 7 nights: Hotel 721 £, Residence + 672 £, Home Stay (twin room) + 499 £, Home Stay (single room) + 549 £

(including Meet & Greet and Check-in service)
Low Budget transfer from / to London Heathrow £88 (per way)
*Transfer from /to Southamptom airport £85 (per way)
*Transfer from /to Bournemouth airport £30 (per way)
*Transfer from /to London City airport £220 (per way)
*Transfer from /to London Gatwick airport £170 (per way)
*Transfer from / to London Heathrow £150 (per way)
* Transfer from /to St. Pancras station £220 (per way)
* Transfer from /to Stansted airport £230 (per way)
Unaccompanied-Minor- Service per way £35

* One car for 1-3 persons in case they all book together

Intensive course (20 lessons) / week £15
Super-Intensive course (25 lessons) / week £30
London Overnight (01.07.2017) £124
London Overnight incl. Party Bus (except 01.07.2017) £139
Surf Course (5 x 2 hrs)/week £115
Hot lunch at school 7 days/week (only accommodation in host family) £39
Bus ticket per week (homestay accommodation) £17

What's included in the price?

Accommodation and Meal Plan
  • Full board residential accommodation in en-suite single rooms in our city centre residence OR Full board homestay accommodation in single or twin rooms (triple rooms on request only) with one of our local home stay hosts with packed lunches OR Full board hotel accommodation in en-suite twin or triple rooms in one of our carefully chosen hotels
  • Fruit 'n' Fit - Corner (water, tea and fruit)
English language course
  • English language tuition (15, 20 or 25 lessons of 45 minutes (11.25, 15 or 18.75 hours) per week) in mixed nationality classes where possible as booked and described
  • Maximum 15 students per class
  • Course material
  • Placement test on arrival
  • Certificate at the end of the course
  • Common speech: English
Supervision and Activity Programme
  • IP Ocean Lounge
  • Supervision: our staff ratio is 1:15, but one member of staff can supervise a group of maximum 25 children aged 13-17 years
  • Supervised activity programme every afternoon and evening: in the afternoon you can choose between several activities on offer
  • Town Walk & Town Quiz
  • One half-day trip during your first week (e.g. to Durdle Door (Jurassic Coast), Winchester, Portsmouth, Swanage or Salisbury)
  • One half-day trip and one full day trip for each additional week (e.g to Bath, Brighton, Oxford or London)
  • Supervision by our qualified international team
  • Assembly from Monday to Friday and daily TTT (time to talk) with the supervisors
  • Welcome & Farewell Meeting

Transfers are not included in the price, but transfers can be provided as an additional service from/to London, Bournemouth and Southampton Airports as well as from St. Pancras train station. Transfers will be done by well-known taxi and transfer companies with DBS checked drivers. On the day of arrival our Meet & Greet Service will be waiting for you at the exit area of customs and will take you directly to your course centre. On the day of departure, you will leave Bournemouth as required in order to make sure you arrive at the airport in time. For your own safety, we will assist you with the check-in for your flight. If you book an Unaccompanied Minors service with your airline, please request our Unaccompanied Minors service as well.

Students on individual transfers

Students on individual transfers will be dropped off at Europa School of English unless requested otherwise and then either be picked up by their hosts or walk to the residence. Out of hour arrivals might be dropped off directly at the accommodation. Out of hour departures they will in most cases be picked up directly from the homestay or the residence.

For homestay students

All students will be dropped off at Europa School of English unless requested otherwise. Host family student arrivals/departures between 6:00 and 22:00 will be collected by their hosts at the school and dropped off by their hosts there. For out of hour arrivals/departures a taxi transfer would need to be booked (with supplement). For very early/late arrivals/departures in/from the centre (24.00-6.00), an alternative accommodation needs to be arranged by the agent.

Low Budget Transfer

We also offer a Low Budget transfer from/to London Heathrow for all our UK centres on Saturdays and Sundays (24.06.- 02.09.17). Transfers will be done by well-known coach companies with DBS checked drivers. Fly into Heathrow airport between 10:00 and 16:30. On the day of arrival our Meet & Greet Service will be waiting for you at the terminal and accompany you to your transfer service. Our coach shuttle will depart from Heathrow or a nearby pick up station at approximately 18:00. On the day of departure you will be dropped-off at Heathrow about 11:00 - so please book your flight after 14:00. A staff member will help you to your terminal and check you in. If you book an Unaccompanied Minors service with your airline, please request our Unaccompanied Minors service.

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