January 7, 2011

English for Kids

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English has become such an integral part of our daily lives, dominating the international arena down to television and films. Adults without “good” English skills are considerably hampered in the workplace, academia, and day to day interactions. These “good” English skills can be acquired so quickly at a young age when information is absorbed faster than most of us adults can imagine. English for kids can be fun and exciting while still challenging children to speak, read, and write in English well.

Having taught English as a foreign language myself I always found teaching kids to be the easier “crowd”. If you (the teacher) are enthusiastic, energetic, and a little goofy kids will play along just as enthusiastically. If you are having fun they inevitably will too. Adults are the more “difficult” crowd, very conscious of their surroundings and afraid of giving the wrong answer. This is why kids’ genuine unencumbered willingness to learn should be seized. International Projects offers a variety of courses with enthusiastic teachers who make English for kids an exciting adventure.

Part of the adventure with these courses is taking kids out of their element in placing them in a native English speaking environment. With courses in England and Ireland students are not limited to the four walls of the classroom when it comes to practical application. They are surrounded by international peers and a staff that has full load of recreational activities and trips planned to keep them busy and practicing their English at the same time. What better way to use what they’ve learned in the classroom than to be interacting in a “normal” speaking environment?

So if you are looking for an innovative yet effective way to improve your child’s English scores, or even just give them the opportunity to feel more comfortable using the language don’t forget to check out IP’s English for kids opportunities.