July 4, 2010

English Language Class

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As someone who has been through hundreds of hours of foreign language classes and is an English teacher herself, English language classes can be fun, nerve racking, informative, and exciting all at once. In order to avoid any negative or anxiety rich experiences let me give you my top three tips for taking an English language class.

Tip #1, sign-up for a class abroad, not in your hometown.  Why? Although classes at home are great, your class time ends after 90 minutes. Whereas abroad, the official class time ends after 90 , when the real lesson takes place in the “real world” after the lesson.  From my experience there is really only so much a person can learn from reading, writing, and listening exercises. Using English on a daily basis in the smallest of situations is what really enables a person to acquire the language.

Tip #2, enroll in a course with a native speaker. Non-native speakers are often great teachers, however native speakers provide extra ease and knowledge beyond the textbook. Native speakers will prevent you from speaking like a “walking textbook”.  Participating in an English only atmosphere also allows the learner to focus more intensely on the material at hand, learn at a quicker pace, and ensure that only the target language is being spoken.

Tip #3, look for a company that has been doing “this” (organizing foreign language courses) for a while. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and having something go terribly wrong, and no one available to fix it. International Projects is a tour operator with over 20 years of experience in organizing language holidays abroad. Trust me, when it comes to travel and taking a holiday, knowing that your accommodations and trip details are taken care of is priceless.

So whenever you consider embarking on your next English language class consider these three easy tips; go abroad, a native speaking teacher, and a company with experience. These tips combined with a good amount of laughter will ensure an amazing English class and an unforgettable holiday.