May 20, 2011

English Language Courses

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Laughter is definitely one of a language learner’s most powerful tools in and outside of the classroom. Why? As you know learning to speak a foreign language is a process, some days are slow and other days are quicker the more advanced you become. Spoken language is filled with lots of nuances, slang, and slightly non-textbook pronunciations keeping any language learner at the edge of their seat. Which is why laughter is so important: everyone makes mistakes, has an accent, or switches a few words here and there, so it’s important to have a good sense of humor and “go with the flow”.

These days English is used everywhere. Whether it’s in a supermarket or a little bookstore in a small town, chances are someone speaks English. Having a language so broadly spoken gives everyone a chance to communicate, but it also raises everyone’s personal expectations. “I shouldn’t make that mistake” or “that’s too basic” are common frustrations among non-native speakers, which is why laughter is so important.

English language courses are a great way to freshen up your English skills in an encouraging environment where everyone is at the same level. Review grammar, writing, or speaking trouble spots, and get some guidance from a native-speaking teacher. You’ll probably notice that at some point the teacher will make a mistake and quickly correct themselves, with a smile followed by a little bit of laughter. When students are also able to shake off small mistakes and laugh it creates a very comfortable learning environment for everyone. International Projects offers fun – filled English language courses with great atmospheres and diverse learning environments.

So the next time you sign- up for an English language course make sure to not only pack your notebook, but your sense of humor too.