March 18, 2011

English Summer Course in the UK

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Looking for something interesting to do this summer, something besides an internship or working for mom and dad? Maybe you are interested in a vacation where you can meet new people and have a little freedom of your own? Taking an English summer course in the UK is a great way to meet new people, work on your English, and still convince mom and dad that a summer trip is a great idea.

English is important. Whether it’s for school, work, or travel English is an important skill needed for any job or university application, and today more than ever it is important to speak English well. How should a non-native speaker realistically do that? By spending time abroad of course! Workign with native speakers and speaking English every day will help you learn the English language from an entirely different approach. Spending a week or two at one of International Project’s UK locations will help you fine tune your English abilities to speak with an unmistakable finesse and confidence.

IP’s English summer courses in the UK also offer great activity programs giving participants a wide range of activities to keep them busy and having fun during the whole trip. The word “boredom” won’t have a chance of entering anyone’s vocabulary. Not to mention the great half and full day excursions to amazing cities like London. Imagine being able to take the day and explore London, what a story to be able to tell at the beginning of the fall semester!

So instead of settling for the “usual” summer time activities, take the time to travel, meet new people and improve your English by signing up for an English summer course in the UK with International Projects.