February 3, 2012

English Summer Courses

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Snowed in, sitting at home, and daydreaming about summer? With such cold weather, it’s impossible not to think of an exciting summer vacation. What to do? Where to go , who to see? Summer is a great time to embark on new experiences and even improve your language skills. International Projects offers a variety of English summer courses that will not only get your juices flowing, but allow your creative side to run loose for awhile.

IP offers several English summer courses in England, Ireland, and Germany. Whether you’d like to spend your time relaxing on Exmoth beach, gasping at Dublin’s 6,000 pubs, or exploring the great outdoors in Milow or the famous Rhine river in Oberwesel, Germany; there’s sure to be a location and course that fits your language and holiday interests. The greatest thing about IP is, no matter where your course is located it’s sure to be taught by native English speakers, providing the best language instructional quality there is to offer.

In addition to its language courses, IP also offers a variety of recreational activities outdoors, indoors, and with small trips to various cities to keep everyone busy and having fun. Language is all about actively learning, and there’s no better way to do that, than by taking the chance to speak daily in a fun situation, free of judgement. English summer courses are also a great way to meet new people. Participants have the opportunity to connect and work with students from all over Europe, and make lasting friendships. Not to mention, IP also provides a great platform for you to stay in touch with everyone after the program through their facebook page.

So the next time your summer daydreaming seems to get the best of you, humor your interests and check out some of the amazing English summer courses International Projects has to offer!

Check out some of IP’s awesome English summer courses 2012.