September 10, 2010

English Summer Schools

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Walking through town in Winchester, England.

For most people summer resembles something of a break; a break from the daily grind, in an unfamiliar place where you can relax and unload. While others think of summer as a time to catch –up or explore new frontiers. I tend to be the person who wouldn’t mind being productive as long as I could stay on an exotic beach or in some beautiful villa in Europe. There I would get some rest and relaxation, and probably some chocolate if I’m lucky. Winchester is a captivating city with one of many English summer schools where merging vacation and productivity can be easily combined.

Now why would you want to devote part of your short summer to learning English? Good question. Besides English being the most widely used language of communication around the world, it can also be really fun! For most people English summer schools entail hot, stuffy classrooms with loads of homework and practical application that is limited to a book or other media. International Projects offers great summer courses for young adults that replace stuffy classrooms with a variety of activities and day trips. Take that for practical application!

Now, I know what you are thinking:  Winchester, England isn’t exactly an exotic beach.  True, but it is a gorgeous, historical city with so much to see. Plus who wouldn’t want to stay in a villa?

Among the fashionable aspects of English summer schools such as location and accommodation, one should also take into account who is teaching. Make sure that native speakers are on staff and will be teaching the courses. This may sound like a high expectation, but it is important. Language learning is shaped by the instructor, and often native speakers are able to have a more powerful impact on participants and their motivation to learn.

Also, make sure that the program stresses practical application in and outside of the classroom. There is nothing worse than taking an English summer course in a native speaking English country and always reverting back to your own native language.

So take the time to investigate, and discover that, yes you can integrate your holidays and learning English almost effortlessly at one of our English summer schools in Winchester.