August 29, 2011

Everyone loves our summer school in Bournemouth,Southengland

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As always there was a lot going on in Bournemouth last week.  Of course we started off with the welcome meeting which is a great opportunity to break the ice between all different cultures. Everyone loves the town walk because they recognised that Bournemouth is a “banging” town with all the nice shops and the awesome beach. Even to get closer in contact the speed dating in the evening seemed to be a very good idea.

A great range of workshops started as always on Monday where we offered a football tournament at the beach and especially for the girls we held the friendship bracelet workshop.  The evening was all about blue; white and red (if you don’t recognise these are the colours of the Union jack).

Then the week went on with Volleyball at the beach and Yoga in the IP-Ocean lounge to activate your power house and to get harmonised with your body. The specialty of the week was on Tuesday evening where we had “prove your senses”. A night which was all about tasting, smelling, hearing, feeling, seeing and thinking.

In the middle of the week we played rugby at the beach and the girls had a relaxing day with painting their nails as well as treating their skin with putting on some masks etc. This beauty therapy was a total success as the girls could present their beautiful skin in the V-Club at night.

Unfortunately we could not play basketball because a storm hit Bournemouth and everything was flooded. Even the classes had to be held upstairs because the water came into the building. As a raining option we offered making Mr. Potatoes in the afternoon and instead of going to the air festival we watched “The devil wears Prada” in the IP-Ocean.

Thus, the week was already over we had a stunning Hippie-Farewell-Party with a lot of pictures from the whole week. As usually everyone who had to leave was very sad as they made new friends from all over the world and had a great time in Bournemouth.

For those who went to London they got to know the city. Although they experienced the city in small groups, all of us went to London-Eye to catch a view of London at night from high above. Next morning we decided to go to visit the well known area of Camden-Town. There we had the chance to see the open market with special things to buy.

All in all we had a funny week with a lot going on both in the city and in the IP-Ocean Lounge.

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