December 3, 2010

Exeter English School

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There are very few places where the beauty of a national forest and sandy beach can be enjoyed simultaneously. A place where there is the realistic opportunity to go to the beach or hike from one day to the next. It’s these rare opportunities that often make a vacation unforgettable each time you open a photo album. But what about taking a vacation that really broadens your perspective and not only familiarizes you with the sights and town, but the language as well? How is this possible you ask? Is there an extra vacation package you can sign up for?

Yes, and that’s where International Projects comes in. Being a leading tour operator in language holidays, IP provides an extra holiday experience that most packages lack- language.  Take Exeter for example, the beautiful capital of Devon, England. Located on the English Rivera, Exeter offers that beautiful vacation experience I mentioned before, close to Dartmoor National Park and sandy beaches.

Now a normal tourist experiences this elegant city with its shops, cafes, and other attractions on a very basic level. They have their handy tourist guide and have practiced some English phrases to ask for directions and where the nearest restroom is. Or maybe they are a bit more advanced and have the ability to carry on a conversation in English. However, the tourist that really immerses themselves in the location, language, and culture gets to look beyond the attractions and really get a feel for the way of life. The easiest way to do this is to be involved in an English course. Not a course that consumes your time and energy, but a course taught by a native speaker who has the ability to challenge your English abilities or teach you a few new tricks. IP’s programs offer helpful courses like this in the morning, leaving you or our tourist the rest of the day to explore and practice using the English language.

Language is one of the most vital aspects of any place, culture, or people. Having the opportunity to experience a city from an “insider” perspective will extend that occasional flip through the photo album to hours of endless conversation. So the next time you start planning your summer vacation skip the “Kodak moments” and give yourself the chance to experience your holiday on a whole new level.

Check out IP’s Exeter English Summer Courses in Exeter.