May 11, 2011

French Language Courses

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When I was little I had a fascination with the French language. I even convinced my parents to buy me “Teach Yourself French in a Week” cassette tapes. I sat next to my stereo for countless hours repeating phrases till I was blue in the face. As entertaining as this must have been for my parents to watch their 7 year old constantly repeat phrases like “Where is the toilet?”, fortunately language learning has progressed and there are much more interesting (and efficient) ways to learn French.

French language courses abroad give participants the opportunity to practice speaking French in an encouraging environment. Everyone is trying to learn the language, so making mistakes is no reason to feel embarrassed. Courses taught by native speaking instructors also provide an extra advantage of learning “insider tips” on vocabulary.

Another bonus to attending French language courses is location. What better way to learn French than in France? Language courses on location give participants the opportunity to constantly practice and strengthen their language abilities. Whether it’s in the classroom, at the supermarket, or shopping for that perfect bottle of wine, every action presents a chance to speak. International Projects offers a wide variety of French language courses in France to help participants not only build their language skills, but their confidence while speaking as well.

Finally, learning French is not only useful when visiting France, but it is a great language to have in your “back pocket”. Almost anywhere you travel in Europe and around the world is sure to have instructions, notifications, information, etc. written not only in the native language but French as well.

So when you start debating the best way to learn a language, let me give you a personal piece of advice; save the money on downloading “Teach Yourself French in a Week” and invest it in a great evening out on the town in France.