May 27, 2011

German Language Courses

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What’s your favorite tongue twister? Every language has a variety of short little poems or phrases that challenge even native speakers on their pronunciation, speed, and ability to keep up a rhyme. My personal German favorite is, “Fischers Fritze fischte frische Fische“, which is equally as challenging to say in English, Fisherman Fritz fished fresh fish. Try that one ten times fast! So what are some ways besides tongue twisters to improve your German? German language courses are a great excuse to take a holiday, see some amazing sights and “brush –up” your German as well.

Probably one of the most challenging things about learning a language is time. Courses usually last an hour or two and as soon as it’s time to go home it’s like an invisible vacuum sucks away everything that was just learned. Before you realize it, it’s back to reality and speaking in your native language of course. So how does a person prevent this? German language courses in Germany are a great remedy. Courses usually last for a couple hours in the morning, but as soon as the course is over there’s an immediate need to apply what was just taught in the classroom. Taking the opportunity to speak German on a frequent basis throughout the day is the best way to help language sink in and develop.

German language courses also offer the perfect opportunity to do some extra sightseeing. Most programs offer full and half day excursions, allowing participants to spend an exciting afternoon or day exploring famous cities such as Berlin. International Projects offers great course packages offering exciting trips to Berlin addition to an action packed recreational program. What better way to improve your speaking skills than by having fun?

So the next time you come across a tongue twister, take it as a reminder to “brush up” on your German and check out some of the exciting German language course opportunities offered in Germany.