April 1, 2011

Language Summer School in Teignmouth

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Pre-teens and teenagers are definitely one of the hardest audiences to please. The days of simplicity and just having fun are gone and have been replaced with what’s “cool” and keeping a safe distance from mom and dad. So how are parents supposed to encourage their kids to do something educational without throwing off this tricky balance between what’s hot and what’s not?
Summer language courses are a great way to impress this finicky audience without having to place too much on the line. For an affordable price you can help your child prepare for the next school year and professional life ahead without labeling them as a geek. Located on the Devon Coast International Projects’ language school is surrounded by an amazing city with great cafes, shops ,and a fully supervised program for youth 10-15 years of age. English classes are available for a variety of levels to help improve your child’s English skills or even just provide them with some extra practice. Classes are also taught by native speakers trained specifically to teach English as a foreign language and to help convince these teenagers that language skills are valuable.

Not to mention that they will be surrounded by great kids their age from all over the world, nudging them to use English in every opportunity that presents itself.  Summer language courses are great because they provide a highly interactive and entertaining recreational program sure to make their week away one of their most memorable summer events yet.  More importantly though, you the parent will silently get some “cool” points for suggesting such a great activity.

So the next time your pre-teen or teenager challenges you with something cool to do, catch them off guard and suggest a week’s vacation in Teignmouth, England and remind them where they inherited their “coolness” from.

Check out IP’s cool language summer school.