February 23, 2013

Learn German in Oberwesel in Germany

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Oberwesel with view from aboveLooking for a great way to improve your German this summer? Maybe finally find a way to get all those adjective endings and “der, die, das” in all the right places?

Then check out International Projects’ junior summer camp and learn German in Oberwesel, Germany this summer.

Oberwesel is a historical town with all the modern furnishings on the banks of the Rhine river. The town itself has lots of little shops, cafes, and restaurants to visit; not to mention the great beauty that surrounds it. You’ll have a great time not only practicing your German, but exploring this quaint, medieval town all on its own.

Since Oberwesel is located in such a great area, IP also has some great excursions planned. You’ll be able to participate in two half-day excursions and one full-day excursion per fortnight. Possible trip destinations in the area are: St. Goar, Rüdesheim, Bingen, Boppard, Mainz, Cologne, Cochem, Frankfurt or Trier. So don’t expect to practice your German just in Oberwesel, prepare to practice on the road!

IP’s German courses are taught by native speakers. IP’s instructors have been specifically trained to teach German as a foreign language. They are very familiar with how difficult adjective endings and those pesky little articles like “der, die, das” can be.  They will make sure that you have a chance to ask lots of questions and have the opportunity to conquer those difficult grammar rules in a fun and creative way. And don’t forget that your classroom will be one of a kind. Classes will take place in the Oberwesel castle. Talk about feeling like a queen or king for a week!

So, before you start to get frustrated with your German homework again, take a moment to check out IP’s junior summer camp in Oberwesel and learn German in Oberwesel this summer!