May 4, 2012

Learning German in Germany, Medieval Style

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Looking for the best possible way to tackle the German language this summer? Tired down by all those articles and adjective endings and in need of a motivation boost? Then International Projects’ summer German course in Oberwesel, Germany might be exactly what you need.

Located in the Rhine Valley in an enchanting medieval castle, you’ll have the opportunity to pretend you are living in medieval times each time you attend one of your German courses or decide to stroll around the town. Oberwesel is a beautiful little town that despite the tides of time has still managed to keep its gorgeous medieval atmosphere. Best of all you ‘ll have the opportunity to meet other students your age with the same language interests who are sure to make your summer unforgettable.

In addition to its top-notch German courses, International Projects also offers an exciting recreational program to keep students busy and having fun. From visiting the tower museum with medieval weapons to playing sports and attending workshops, IP has something for everyone. In addition to these recreational activities you’ll also be able to participate in two half-day excursions and one full-day excursion. Possible trip destinations are St. Goar, Bingen, Boppard, Mainz, Cologne, Cochem or Trier. So make sure you pack your camera!

With all of these great activities and courses planned, your German is sure to improve quickly. One of the greatest advantages in taking a trip to Oberwesel with IP is that you will constantly be surrounded by the German language and other international students excited to learn the language and have fun. So the nextt time your German homework starts to look unbearable, take a deep breath, and start thinking about all the fun you could be having in Oberwesel this summer!