September 18, 2013

More impressions from Oberwesel

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Oberwesel with view from aboveMonday – This week we changed the weekly schedule slightly, and did the workshops on Monday and the town visit on Tuesday. The workshops were Zumba, football and, at the end, wellness.

We all loved it! At night we had our wonderful Quiz Night, and some of the IP logos were true art masterpieces!

ob2Tuesday – We went down to town Obewesel and learnt some more about it; we went on Tuesday so that this week we could visit the museum. At night, we had a great karaoke. Marta went ill with a high temperature, but she was much better in only 24 hours.

Wednesday – This Wednesday we visited Boppard. We saw the sights and did some shopping, of course! In the evening we watched a film.

Thursday – The medieval games, the barbecue and the “bonfire” party, all hosted by our great great Günter, were amazing. Some experienced kids, the crew and the GLs all took part in helping with the games, and later we all sat by the fire and ate our barbecue. We sang songs and made bread on the fire, and at the end we all helped to tidy up.

Friday – To close this wonderful week, this time we went for a Pirate Party. We spent the afternoon preparing it, making our costumes and the decoration for the Hofsaal. At night, we all were wearing our best pirate clothes, we gave out the certificates, awards and prizes, and we had games and, of course, some dancing!

Saturday – Most of the group set off for home, while four children stayed and spent the morning doing their shopping in Oberwesel, to go to a water park after lunch. It was great!

We have started a competition similar to the Houses in Harry Potter, where each group of rooms from the Kolpinghaus is a House and they get or lose points according to helpfulness, tidiness, punctuality, rule obeyance, The kids love it, and it helps improve tidiness and attitude!

Greetings from Oberwesel