August 17, 2014

Much to experience in Exeter!

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ex1Me and my friend travelled to Exeter this summer. After a long journey we finally arrived in Exeter.

At first we had breakfast. Afterwards somebody showed us the campus and told us everything about the activity programme.


 Then we went to our rooms. I lived with two of my friends in the same wing and we shared one bathroom. Immediately we became friends with two girls who had the room next to us.

In the evening we had a “Welcome Meeting” and got some information on rules and other things. On the next day we had our placement tests and were separated in groups. After lessons we had break before gathered in the Assembly Hall. Later we had our TTT (time to talk) where we talked about problems and the activities. Then we had a free afternoon and decided on our own what we wanted to do. We also had the possibility to take place in the supervised activity programme. I really liked the supervisors because they were very friendly.
ex2We didn’t really like the dinner but the dessert was delicious. We had a lot of cake or ice-cream.

We booked the “Trip Programme” so we did trips London, Exmouth and Darthmoor. The trips were great and we always chance to book some more. During our full-day trip to London we had a ttour and a picnic. We also had some free time and went shopping. Unfortunately we drove back to the campus afterwards.
We made some great experiences during our trips to Exmouth and Darthmoor as well.
Furthermore we collaborated on a newspaper which was fun. Every evening we took place in an event. For example we joined a “Bad-Taste Party” and a “Gender Swap Party”.
Moreover we really enjoyed the Karaoke-Night because everybody of us sang a song.

In the night the supervisors did a night check to be sure that everybody is sleeping.
I recommend International Projects to everyone who would like to have great holidays in the UK.ex3