August 3, 2013

Olympic Days in Teignmouth

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People  having fun in the poolHi there! This is Ivan reporting from our summer school in Teignmouth. 

Yesterday we celebrated our own Olympics day in which we had four teams that participated in an opening ceremony during the morning and in some Olympic games during the afternoon. Those teams were the “Cup Cake Cats”, the “Huskies”, the “Happy cows” and the “Crazy Monkeys”.

During the day they made the flag of their team and took part in the games, which were: speed race, relay race, high jump, long jump, weight throwing, wheelbarrow race, sumo wrestling and dodge ball.
All of the teams did well, but after a very competitive day the winners were the Cup Cake Cats! Congratulations to the team members! It was an exciting Olympics day here in Teignmouth

Bye bye!