September 24, 2010

Send Your Kids on Vacation

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When the topic of summer comes around parents and kids usually have two very different agendas. Kids look for every opportunity to be “out”, do something fun, and more importantly be on their own. While a parent’s main concern is, how do I keep my kids busy and safe? Fortunately, we live in an age where being, safe, busy, and away on vacation are actually possible through opportunities like summer language programs.  So keep reading and maybe send your kids a facebook message so that going on a language holiday was their idea.

Oh, you’re crazy; my kids won’t go for a school program in the summer! True, but that’s exactly the catch, it’s not school. Kids are essentially “on their own” through a supervised vacation where developing language skills and having fun are of equal importance. International Projects has a new location site in Milow, Berlin that is set up to give the kids the vacation they want and parents the peace of mind (and vacation) they need.

What better way to push your kids outside and away from the computer than in the middle of a nature reserve where they can stay in a historical villa? Not to mention that being away on vacation sets your kids up to achieve one of the most valuable language learning components- application. Having taught English as a foreign language myself I couldn’t think of a better way to keep language development going or get it started. Here, kids are given the opportunity to not only learn the target language, but really apply it. Surrounded by kids from all over the world, the target language will need to be the language of communication. Allowing every participant a safe environment to practice and improve their speaking skills.

So when you start to mull over summer suggestions or you can’t stand another trip to the shopping mall just to “look around”, give yourself a break and send your kids on vacation.